• Austria

    Driving and parking in Austria is very easy and convenient. Here in great demand are special parking lots and not parking in the street because of strict laws that apply for street parking.
  • Belgium

    With parking restrictions in Belgium everything is clear. Most of the parking facilities situated in the streets equipped with special parking meters and require a fee.
  • France

    Parking is strictly regulated in urban areas, and permitted only in spaces marked with a white color. Parking in the streets is limited, so the long-term parking is available in the parking lots.
  • Germany

    Most of German cities offer different types of parking lots, in-street parking and off-street parking spaces (Parkplatz), above-ground parking lots (Parkhaus), and underground parking lots (Tiefgarage).
  • Italy

    Most of Italian cities have set certain hours when cars allowed to enter the city's center, where parking is permitted. These limitations depend on the day of the week, time of the day and whether the date has an even or odd number.
  • Netherlands

    The most big cities, especially these that have the historic downtown areas, suffer from a shortage of places for parking. In most of the cities parking spaces are limited except of Amsterdam, where the parking level is the highest in the country and in the Europe.
  • Spain

    Driving is not recommendable in most Spanish. The street roads in the old historical city parts are not designed to traffic. Parking rules are different depending on the area of a city, time of the day, day of the week and date whether is even or odd.
  • Switzerland

    Parking designations are clearly marked. Parking is not allowed on the sidewalks and where is a sign that prohibits to park. Free parking is available in the white zones, blue zones and red zones as well. Paid parking is in the White Zone Pay & Display and metered street areas.

Parking in Europe

Everyone knows it’s not so easy to use valet parking in Europe. Our site will acquaint you with the central parking and premier parking in the cities of France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and other European countries. You no longer have to search long parking spot, parking space, parking garage, here you will find a complete list of parking lots with the exact coordinates, map them, mode of operation and photos.
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