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Florida Gators recruiting class still in flux At Jim McElwain’s introductory press conference, Florida’s new coach emphatically declared, "We’ve got to recruit daily, or die." "We’ve got to get to as many places as humanly possible. We’ve got to make sure we secure a great class. There’s some great commitments right now, there’s some guys that are waiting to see what’s going to happen and what’s going on." The Gators recently picked up a verbal commitment from three star linebacker Rayshad Jackson, a Miami Norland High standout, and flipped three star defensive end Jabari Zuniga. Still, they still haven’t generated much momentum
late. A year ago, the Gators plummeted to their first losing season in 34 years and whiffed on local stars Dalvin Cook and Ermon Lane, but they still managed to reel in the nation’s No. 9 class (per 247Sports). Now, Florida and McElwain is paying the piper for Will Muschamp’s futile tenure. McElwain has fought an uphill battle since taking over for Muschamp, as a number

People Make Commitments. They stick with their commitments because they said they would. Words such as maybe, should, or can’t are absent from their vocabulary. Committed People Believe They Can Fulfill Their Commitments. They can visual the finish line and believe they will accomplish their goal. Because
their beliefs are so strong, not accomplishing their goal isn’t even part of the equation. Committed People Say What They Are Committed To. They bring their dreams into reality simply by using the power of language. It’s amazing what they accomplish once they say their commitments out loud. Committed People Invest In Their Commitments. They invest their time, money, and energy into their commitments. Their commitments become so important that they rework their lives around them. Committed People Are Realistic About Their Commitments. They give themselves permission to explore different avenues and are nice to themselves along the way. Sure, there may be setbacks, but mistakes are viewed as opportunities rather

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Articles Connexes:

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