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Game because, egad, his eyes were on the scoreboard. He dropped another gimme touchdown last year, and he has missed all of 2010 with a torn Achilles tendon. Career totals: 20 games, seven catches, 69 yards. 3. Babe Laufenberg; quarterback; Saints, Chargers, Cowboys; 1986 90: On the bright side, Laufenberg was beloved as one of football’s true nice guys. On the down side, well, he
was dreadful. Five touchdown passes and 11 interceptions in 16 career games. In 1990, the Cowboys needed to win one of their final two games to reach the playoffs. When Troy Aikman was injured against
Philadelphia on December 23, Laufenberg came in and completed 13 of 36 passes with four interceptions. The following week, starting against Atlanta, he went 10 for 24 with one touchdown and two picks. Dallas lost both contests and the Babe never appeared in another NFL game. 1. Rusty Lisch; quarterback; Cardinals, Bears; 1980 84: Sure, Leaf and Russell were bigger busts. Lisch, after all, was a fourth round pick

ninth of the MDGs. He said leaders need compassion, knowledge and strength if they are to tackle pressing global problems such as caring for the elderly, the negative effects of climate change and the proliferation of weapons. our search for solutions through the multiplicity of problems that confront society, leaders must be able to rise above ideological, historical and economic fault lines that divide our world, said Thinley. will need to find new ways to create a more harmonic world. counter the growing weapons industry, for example, he suggested leaders need to advocate for the from the old logic of security and move to a security system that consists of regional centers that promote peace. is possible for us, he said, realize that it is not security but insecurity we create by the spread of arms and the expansion of armies. held its first democratic national elections in 2008, after the king gave up absolute power voluntarily and turned the throne over to his son to preside over a

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