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sad I am about the program that has emerged in Connecticut, I’m going to be part of the solution. I played a big part in creating this law. I will continue to be a part of the discussion when it comes to improving the unfinished medical marijuana program so that those dispensing and using it will know the science behind its use. I want
the media to cover the whole story. Not just the sad brain cancer patient who’s disappointed, but the strong and educated patient who will never stop working to improve the quality of life for all suffering patients here in Connecticut. This is where the story begins: I had my first consultation a few weeks ago, as a registered patient eligible to purchase marijuana, at one of the dispensaries. I was heartbroken at what I saw. A bong salesman in a tie dye T shirt was out in the parking lot doing business with the manager of the dispensary. How disappointing this is not a party, it’s lifesaving. And over the course of the next hour,
the pharmacist and manager asked me a thousand

Stanford’s football success starts with its offensive line The perfect football game, according to Stanford redshirt junior Jonathan Martin, would be one in which the Cardinal takes a lead into the fourth quarter and then holds on by running the same play over and over again with the backs collecting yards the way a slot machine pays off a jackpot and the team using the game clock like a sponge and soaking up the minutes. There’s one small thing Martin would add to this scenario: after the game, Andrew Luck’s jersey would look like it was freshly laundered and his hair would be perfect. Martin, Stanford’s bulky and agile 6 foot 6, 306 pound left tackle, has a lot to say about just those scenarios. Now in his third year as a starter, he’s been part of an offensive line that helped both Luck and Toby Gerhart enjoy the bright city lights of New York at Heisman Trophy time. Martin, right guard David DeCastro, center Sam Schwartzstein, right tackle Cameron Fleming and left guard David Yankey may have outdone themselves

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