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. Connect with decision makers by importing contact information and start closing sales with efficiency. Business Research Want to see who’s on top in your industry? Find vital statistics on the top businesses in your local metropolitan area and see how your business measures up. Competitive Landscape Who are the leaders in your industry? Get key facts and statistics of your competitors and plan your business positioning strategies. Track Companies That Matter to You In the interactive edition, you can create watch lists on companies
you want to track and receive the latest company news and updates delivered to your inbox desktop. B2B Transactions Does your company have a product or service that other businesses need? Search for prospective clients on criteria that are specific to your business industry Networking Extend your network with ease. Search for new connections by industry, company, business association more. Import key decision makers’ complete contact information. Job Search

aspire to senior positions in the fields of project management. This course aims to develop your awareness of the importance of construction projects to clients, and the context and constraints within which projects are procured and undertaken. You will gain greater knowledge and understanding of the theories, concepts, principles, techniques, and intellectual and practical skills needed for the project management of construction projects. You will have the opportunity to plan and implement a personal research project related to project management. The course utilises web ased technologies in the delivery and extensive use is made of enquiry based learning to enhance lifelong learning skills. The blended learning approach offers flexible access to the core content, while still providing the discipline and structure of regular attendance at the University.
The design of the part time course recognises the significant challenges of combining postgraduate level study with full time professional

Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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