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. said having three national sporting teams and big events such as the V8 Super and Groovin The Moo meant that, with strong community support, the city could be a major events hub. live in the city so I always love seeing the new developments with the new cinemas, shops and cafes that are opening up and I hope it continues to grow, he said. Retired Townsville Fire captain Rachael McCully said the buzz around town after her team grand final victory in March proved the city positive attitude could be reinvigorated. the trophy home really did show how much the Townsville Fire is a part of the community and how much support we have from junior sport to big business and around town, she said. love Townsville and it is home for me and my husband now. The town has been so good to me and I want to help give back. music star and Palmer St restaurant owner Adam Brand said Townsville had one missing link. the real buzzing cities have got something big in the middle that everyone gravitates to, Brand

do. I would like to think that we are better than last year, and I confident
that we better than
we were last year. he said: Gravante has altered the team schedule, replacing Johns Hopkins, Maryland and Virginia with Furman, Richmond and VMI. The changes will put a dent in the program strength of schedule, but Gravante said the alterations were necessary to level the playing field for Mount St. Mary how this sport has grown and especially financially with the support that some of these teams have and facilities, it going to be really tough to compete, he said. just the nature of the business. So when kids go through such games that beat them down, their confidence is hurt, and I don think it very healthy athletically. I want to rebuild the program and give our guys a chance to compete. I would rather lose in a 9 7 ball game than get smashed 15 1. It no fun. It no fun for me or my staff and especially the players. So I have restructured the schedule anticipating that we going to rebuild

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