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Will it be vibrant or depressed I wonder how Christchurch will be faring in 2050. If I am still around, I shall be 87. Will anybody read this? Somebody may have squirreled away a copy of the newspaper; otherwise readers will be relying on digital storage. I do have a few concerns about the long term security and accessibility of data. Will anybody bother? Even
in the second decade of the 21st century so many of us seem too frazzled and concerned with everyday stresses and distractions to have much time to reflect seriously on the direction we are heading as a city and society. Let’s assume that it is now 2050 and you have found this obscure column and are remotely curious. Is Christchurch a thriving, vibrant, successful, modern "world class" city or a dusty depressed backwater? In 2015 there are still buildings to be torn down, vast swathes of empty space, and ugly grotty areas. Surely in your time they have all been tidied up. Are there examples of exciting architecture, including

for example, was listed at $14.7 million in revenues and $12.96 million in total subsidy (87.97 percent). Money is tight. States are looking to cut back where they can. Virginia recently passed a law that limits the amount of subsidy that state schools can take from student fees and other university sources to fund athletics. According to USA Today, Old Dominion, which made the jump to FBS football in 2013, would be limited to no more than a 55 percent subsidy. In 2013 14, Old Dominion had $26.7 million of its $41 million in total revenue 65 percent subsidized. The numbers figure to grow only more critical in factoring the future of big time college athletes. Coaches’ salaries, new facilities, the ever escalating cost of competing
will continue to rise. And now, including the AAC, there will be added money to scholarships to cover the "full cost of attendance" stipends. There is a formula in place to determine the stipend. Fearing recruiting advantages, Alabama coach Nick Saban,

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Articles Connexes:

For another, you can use this as another way to humanize yourself, and the best way to do that is to express yourself like a real person

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