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Brabo_Fountain_and_Grote_Markt,_main_square_of_AntwerpAntwerp is the second largest city of Belgium. Driving in the city is not difficult, but the intersections seem very chaotic for foreign visitors. In the downtown of the city the parking in the streets, long term parking on the road and in the other areas is restricted.

Parking in the streets in Antwerp
Paid parking available in Antwerp downtown:
RED ZONE: from 09.00 to 22.00 o'clock
• Maximum parking time: 3 hours
• Parking fees: 1st  hour € 1.50,2nd   hour 2.50 €, 3rd  hour € 3,50.
LIGHT GREEN ZONE: from 09.00 to 19.00 o'clock
• Parking fees: 1st hour  € 0.60, the next hour € 1.00
DARK GREEN ZONE: from 09.00oc'lock till19.00 o'clock:
• Parking fees: 1st hour € 0.60, the next hour € 1.00, 24 hours € 3.50

Parking lots in Antwerp
Safe and unlimited parking in the parking lots with parking rates are available:
Downtown area: € 1.50-3.00 per hour, daily maximum fee: of € 13.00 to € 18.00;
Outer ring center: 1.00-1.50 per hour €, maximum daily fee:from € 6.00 to € 10.00.

P+R Parkings in Antwerp
Free parking is possible at P+R facilities in the suburbs of the city. To get down town you may take the tram or bus that are available.

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