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1_4Avignon is the largest city in the Vaucluse. The popular tourist destinations are the Place du Palais  and Le Pont d'Avignon that are not very far from each other. It is a city where  runs the famous Avignon Theater Festival with its street performers, actors, musicians, etc. Parking in the street is limited in the downtown area.

Parking in the streets of Avignon
The central part of Avignon is divided into four parking zones where paid parking applies:
Orange Zone: max parking time: 1 hour price € 2.00;
Green Zone: max parking time: 2 hours, price € 1,00 per hour;
Blue Zone: max parking time: 3 hours, price € 0.67  per hour;
White Zone: max stay 4 hours, price € 0.38 per  hour.

Free parking  in Avignon
Free parking places are available outside of  the historical downtown area. In summer, these places are very popular  and often fully occupied.

Parking lots in Avignon
Unlimited parking is available in the parking lots  in the center of the city. Parking fees in public parking lots are: € 1.40-1.70 per hour.

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