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13With parking restrictions in Belgium everything is clear. Most of the parking facilities situated in the streets equipped with special parking meters and require a fee. If you need to park your car for a long term you should use a special parking lots. Also there are blue zones in the city that are available for drivers having a blue disk to be able to park for a limited number of hours.
You are able to buy this disc at the refueling stations, newsagents, or at the police offices.

Parking rules in Belgium
Parking is prohibited:

  • ● In the distance of 15 meters form the tram,bus and train stops, or in the places where the tram and train tracks cross the road.
  • ● In the places having a red triangle signs (Axe Rouge/Ax Rode) along the roads with busy traffic. Not to park from 07.00 till 09.30 o'clock and from 16.00 till 18.00 o'clock.

Belgium cities

  • Brussels

    Brussels is the capital of both, Belgium and the European Union (EU). The traffic of transport in Brussels, as in any big city is densely inadvisable. You allowed to park your car in one of any parking lots and take a public transport to get to the center. Often it is easier to use a public transport than a car.
  • Liege

    Liege is located in the valley of the Meuse river, near the Belgian eastern borders with the Netherlands and Germany. It is the most significant economic and cultural center of Wallonia. Parking in the central streets of the city is limited.
  • Louvain

    Louvain is the capital of the Flemish Brabant Region. It is situated about 25 kilometers to the east of Brussels, neighboring with such cities as Mechelen, Aarschot, Tienen, and Wavre. The parking in the city of Louvain is limited.
  • Mechelen

    Mechelen is a city situated in the province of Flanders in Belgium. Mechelen is one of the most historically known art destinations of Flanders including Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent and Leuven. So, the parking in the central part of a city is limited.
  • Namur

    Namur is in Wallonia and situated in the Meuse valley on the bank of the Sambre river. It is an important railway junction connecting Brussels and Luxembourg City, and also Lille and Liège. It is a popular tourist center with a casino in its southern district on the left bank of the Meuse. Parking in the street is limited in the downtown area.