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0a8054c41cfaBrescia is surrounded with the  Garda and the Valtrompia lakes in the foothills of the Alps mountains, about 100 km east of Milan. The city is well known for its industry: Arms and cutlery/kitchen accessories. Parking in  Brescia downtown is limited.

Parking in the streets of Brescia city center
Parking on the street Brescia
Some parts of historical center are car-free zones, and paid parking is available in the recreational areas:
- Monday-Sunday from 9.00 o'clock till 19.00 o'clock *
- Maximum parking time is 3 hours
- Parking Fee: € 1.20 to 2.40, depending on the zone
* In some areas parking is available from 12.30 o'clock to14.30 o'clock.

Parking lots in Brescia
Unlimited parking is available in the parking facilities and lots in the downtown area.
Parking Fees here are following: of € 1.00 to 1.50 per hour.

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