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beautiful-brugesBruges is one of the historical and most visited cities in Belgium and is on the list World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. Parking in the streets of the center of Bruges is restricted. The multilevel parking lots are situated close to downtown.

Parking in  the streets of Bruges
Paid parking applies in the center of Bruges:
• Monday-Sunday from 09.00o'clock till 19.00-22.00o'clock, depending on the aria;
• Maximum parking time: 2 hours
• Parking fees: first hour: € 1.80, the following hour: € 2.40.

Parking lots in Bruges
There are parking lots available in Bruges which offer a large parking spaces for you to be able to park. Parking fee: € 1.40 per hour, daily maximum is € 8.70. Special fees are appliable for evening and overnight parking.

Park and ride in Bruges
Free parking is allowed in the suburbs of the city with available public transport for you to be able to get the downtown area.

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