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brussels2Brussels is the capital of both, Belgium and the European Union (EU). The traffic of transport in Brussels, as in any big city is densely inadvisable. You allowed to park your car in one of any parking lots and take a public transport to get to the center. Often it is easier to use a public transport than a car.

Parking in the streets in Brussels
Paid parking applies in downtown of Brussels:
• Monday-Saturday from 09.00 till 18.00 o'clock;
• Maximum parking time: 2-3 hours, depending on the zone;
• Rad paid parking zone: 1st hour is 2.00 €, 2nd  hour  is € 3.00;
• Green paid parking  zone: 1st  hour is € 1.50, 2nd  hour: € 2.50, and 3rd hour: € 3,50.

Parking lots in Brussels
Brussels offers parking lots with a large capacity. We have chosen the main parking lots in downtown of Brussels. Fees are: 1 hour: from € 2.10 to € 2.50/daily maximum fee: from € 12.50 to € 15.00.

P+R parking places in Brussels
You can find eight free of charge P+R parking places in the suburbs of Brussels. Public transportation to the downtown area is available.

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