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KölnCologne is located in North Rhine-Westphalia on the river Rhein and divided by it  into two halves. Cologne is a city where hundreds of art galleries and more than 30 museums are situated. Parking in the streets is unlimited, but the capacity is limited.

Places to visit in Cologne
The city is well  known for its cafes and restaurants, the famous carnivals, the Museum Ludwig, Romano-Germanic Museum, the Chocolate Museum and the Cathedral.

Parking in the streets of Cologne
Paid parking available in the center of Cologne:
- Monday-Sunday from 08.00 till 23.00 o'clock
- Parking fees in the city center: 0,10 € per 3 min (€ 2.00 per hour)
- Parking fee in the neighborhood: € 0.05 per 3 minutes
- Parking time limit: unlimited

Parking lots in Cologne
Unlimited parking is available in the parking slots in the downtown of Cologne. Parking Fees in public parking facilities are: from € 1.50 to 2.50 per hour, daily maximum fee is starting with  € 10.00 to 25.00. Special cheap fees are applicable for the evening, overnight and weekends.

P+R parking in Cologne
Free of charge or free parking spaces are available in P+R facilities in the suburbs of the city with public transport that delivers you to downtown. Parking Fee: € 1.00-2.50 per day, free parking with  public transport rides.

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