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dortmund_1Dortmund is located in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is the 8th largest city in Germany. Parking in the streets in downtown is not possible. So, the parking lots do offer a large parking areas.

What to see in Dortmund
Popular tourist sights  are the Dortmund Zoo, the Rosarium (with a collection of more than 3000 varieties of roses), Hohensyburgstraße, the Reinoldikirche and the different  museums.

Parking in the streets of Dortmund
Dortmund has no possibilities for parking in the streets in downtown  in the area of Dortmund ring. Only a few places are available just outside of the ring.

Parking lots in  Dortmund
Unlimited parking are also available in the  parking lots in the downtown area. Parking fees in public parking facilities are: € 1.50-2.00 per hour, daily maximum fee is € 10.00-15.00.

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