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dresden-frauenkircheDresden is the capital of Saxony,  located in a valley of  the River Elbe, near the Czech border. Since German reunification in 1990, Dresden became one of the significant cultural, educational, political and economical centers in Germany.

Places to see in Dresden
Popular sights are the restored historic center of Dresden, with the Catholic Hofkirche, the Semperoper and the Dresdner Frauenkirche.

Parking in  the streets of Dresden
In the center of Dresden is available paid parking:
- Monday-Sunday from 08.00 till 20.00 o'clock
- Parking fees from Mon till Sat: € 0.50 per 20 minutes (€ 1.50per hour)
- Parking Fee on Sundays: € 0,50 per hour
- Parking time limits: unlimited

Parking lots in Dresden
Unlimited parking is available in the parking lots located in downtown of Dresden. Parking fees in public lots are: € 1.00-2.00 per hour, daily maximum parking fees are between  € 9.00 and  € 20.00.

P+R parking facilities in Dresden
Free parking is available in P+R parking places in the suburbs of the city. Public transport to the city is provided.

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