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versailles-palace0823110651Parking is strictly regulated in urban areas, and permitted only in spaces marked with a white color. Parking in the streets is limited, so the long-term parking is available in the parking lots. Lot's of French cities have the modern and secure multilevel parking lots. It's will be more expensive than parking in the street, but there will be offered to you more space and possibility to park for much longer term.

Chargeable parking in France
The white zone with a written word Payant there will mean that the parking is chargeable. You can buy your tickets from the ticket machines that placed along the street. Allowed time for parking starts of 15 minutes parking up to 2 hours. You should live your parking ticket visible through the windshield of the driver's side of the car.

Places where the parking is prohibited:
Parking places with yellow curbs are for commercial and service vehicles only, where is allowed to drop or pick up the passengers next to dotted yellow lines. Parking is not permitted in the certain main routes through the center of Paris, labeled as axes rouges signs (red routes).

Blue Zones
Blue zone is the area in the roads with a blue markings where you allowed to park free of charge for an hour any time between 9.00 and 12 o'clock and during the period between 14.00 and 19.00 starting of Monday till Saturday. There are no limitations during the opening hours or Sundays and public holidays. From 12.00 to 14.00 o'clock there are no restrictions for parking. If you park your car in the blue zone, your disk (disque de contrôle/stationement) must be displayed in the windshield of your vehicle.

France cities

  • Avignon

    Avignon is the largest city in the Vaucluse. The popular tourist destinations are the Place du Palais and Le Pont d'Avignon that are not very far from each other. It is a city where runs the famous Avignon Theater Festival with its street performers, actors, musicians, etc. Parking in the street is limited in the downtown area.
  • Cannes

    Cannes is a city situated in Alpes-Maritimes Region of the French Riviera. It is a busy tourist destination and the place where  held the well known annual Cannes Film Festival. The city is also famous for its variety of luxury stores, restaurants and hotels. Parking in the streets is almost impossible in the downtown area.
  • Le Havre

    Le Havre is a port city that is situated  at the mouth of the Seine river and  the English Channel, in the  region of Upper Normandy in France. The city is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Parking in the streets of the center of Le Havre is extremely limited.
  • Lille

    Lille is  located in the northern part of France. This city is known for its highly developed industry,  with its attractive down town and very active cultural life. Parking in the streets in the downtown area of Lille is restricted.
  • Lyon

    Lyon is the second largest city in France. It is the gateway to the Rhone Valley, a magnificent  place to observe the Rhone Alps and the vineyards of the Cotes du Rhone. Lyon is also a center where gastronomy is highly developed. Street parking in the inner part of the city is impossible.
  • Marseille

    Marseille is the second largest city by a proportion of the population in France, situated in the South of the Mediterranean Sea. It is an economic center of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. The historical center of Marseille has a really short  number of parking spaces.
  • Metz

    Metz is  situated  in Moselle region, that borders with Luxembourg and Germany. The city of Metz is a car-free zone. You are allowed to park in one of the parking spaces (well marked in the main streets) and walk or use public transport.
  • Monaco

    Monaco is the second smallest independent state in the world with government district which is Monte Carlo. The State is consists  of  four districts: Monaco-Ville (Old Town), the Condamine (port quarter), Monte-Carlo (business and recreation centre), and Fontvieille (recreation and light industry center).  The Principality of Monaco is a place for tourists recreation and a tax paradise for businesses.
  • Paris

    The French capital Paris situated on the Seine river, at the heart of the Île-de-France region. For non-residents looking for a street to park in downtown of Paris is a nightmare. Parking in the streets in Paris is limited and expensive.