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Untitled-3Groningen is a city in the north of the Netherlands. It's historic downtown is surrounded by  Diepenring channel. Most interesting places  are in this area, with the exception of the main train station. Driving and parking here is problematic.

Parking in streets of Groningen
Chargeable parking available in  the downtown area of Groningen:
- Monday-Wednesday from 09.00 till 22.00 o'clock
- Thursday-Saturday from 09.00 till 24.00 o'clock
- Maximum parking time : 30-60 min, depends  on zone
- Parking Fee: € 2.20 per hour

Parking lots in Groningen
Unlimited parking in the city center is available in the parking lots. Fees in public parking lots are:
€ 2.00-2.40 per hour.

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