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00Innsbruck is the capital of the federal state of Tyrol and is the largest city in the west of Austria.

About Innsbruck
Innsbruck with its beautiful downtown and historic buildings is one of the most touristic place in Austria, for the ita friendly ambience and the extensive sport facilities both in winter and in summer famous.

Parking in the streets in Innsbruck
The central part of the city of Innsbruck is a car-free zone. Parking is permitted in the area around the city center. Paid parking applies in the central part of the city:
• Monday-Friday from 09.00 o'clock till 19.00 o'clock
• Saturday from 08.00 o'clock till 13.00 o'clock
• Maximum parking time: 1,5 - 3 hours, depending on  zone.
• Parking Fee: 0,50 € per 30 minutes.

Parking lots in Innsbruck
If you prefer long-term parking,  parking lots are available in the downtown area. The parking fee is € 2.00 to € 2.40 per hour, daily maximum around € 18,50.

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