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sightseeing_1bMost of Italian cities have set certain hours when cars allowed to enter the city's center, where parking is permitted. These limitations depend on the day of the week, time of the day and whether the date has an even or odd number.

Parking rules in Italy
Parking in the street is available only on the right side of the road. Chargeable parking is available from Monday to Saturday or even Sunday, in some districts even till midnight, depending on area.
Parking in the spaces having blue lines means either chargeable parking or possibility to park with the blue disk . You can find out from the p- signs.
Chargeable and Display Parking: you can buy your ticket from the special machine and you have to leave it visible in the front of your car windscreen.
- Parking with a blue disk: allows free parking for those who has a disc, that has a set time of parking (you can buy your blue disc at the banks, offices of tourist companies, tobacconists and post offices).

Free of charge and other parking spaces
Parking in the roads with the white strips means that parking is free.
Spaces marked with yellow show that this is parking for disabled persons only (a permit for handicapped/Blue Badge) or points of delivery.
The parking is prohibited during the week from 08:00 till 09:30 o'clock and from 14.30 till 16.00 o'clock in the spaces marked with green lines.

Zona Traffico Limitato/Zona Tutelata
In "Zona Traffico Limitato" or "Zona Tutelata" the parking is limited. You are not allowed to enter these zones by car during the hours indicated on the signs.

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