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3 (1)Koblenz situated in Rhineland-Pfaltz, where the Moselle flows into the Rhine and surrounded by four mountain ridges. The city is 2000 years old and has many sights to offer. The charming streets and squares with its historical monuments and buildings, and also promenades along the rivers are very popular here. Parking is limited in downtown area.

Parking in the streets of Koblenz
Paid parking applies in the center of Koblenz:

  • Monday-Saturday from 08.00 o'clock till 20.00 o'clock
    - Parking Fees: € 0,40 per 20 minutes  and € 1.20 per hour
    - Parking time limit: 2 hours
  • Also you may park for 12 hours in the Deutsches Eck area.

Parking lots in Koblenz
Unlimited parking is also available in the  parking lots in the downtown area. Parking fee in public parking facilities is: € 1.50 per hour.

P+R parking facilities in Koblenz
Free parking is available at the P + R facilities in the the suburbs of the city with providing a public transport to get to the city.

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