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375468Le Havre is a port city that is situated  at the mouth of the Seine river and  the English Channel, in the  region of Upper Normandy in France.
The city is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Parking in the streets of the center of Le Havre is extremely limited.

Parking in the streets in Le Havre
Chargeable parking available  in the center of Le Havre and has two parking zones:
The Orange zone
- Monday-Saturday: allowed to park from 09.00 o'clock to 12.00 o'clock and from14.00 till 17.30 o'clock;
- Parking fees: one hour: €1.20 and 2 hours: € 2.80;
- Allowed time to park no more than 2 hours.
The Green Zone
- Monday-Saturday from 09.00o'clock to12.00 and from14.00o'clock till 17.30 o'clock;
- Parking Fees: € 1.20 per hour, daily up to € 4,00;
- Time of parking unlimited.

Parking Lots in Le Havre
Unlimited parking is offered in the  lots situated in the areas of Quai de la Réunion, Quai de la Martinique, Océane, Vauban, Quai Frissard  and at the docks of Les Bains and Colbert.

Parking  Places
Unlimited parking in the city center is available in the parking  places stipulating that.  Fees in these places are: € 0.70 to 1.00 for the first hour, then € 0.40 for each additional hour.

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