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18039_11213_img2Leipzig is one of the biggest cities in the federal state of Saxony, Germany, and situated about 200 km to the south away from Berlin. Leipzig has had  significant changes with the restoration of some historical objects and in the development of a modern transport infrastructure.
Parking is unlimited in the street roads and in parking lots.

Parking in the streets of Leipzig
Paid parking is available at the center of Leipzig (Promonadenring):
- Monday-Friday from 10.00-20.00 clock
- On Saturdays from 10.00 o'clock till 14.00 o'clock
- Parking Fees: one hour is € 1.50, then € 1.00 each hour
- Maximum parking time: Unlimited
Lower fees apply in the adjacent areas.

Parking lots in Leipzig
Unlimited parking is also available in the  parking lots in the downtown area. Parking fees in public parking facilities are: between € 0.60 and 1.00 per hour, daily maximum fee is € 10.00.

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