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70643317_18Liege is located in the valley of the Meuse river, near the Belgian eastern borders with the Netherlands and Germany. It is the most significant economic and cultural center of Wallonia. Parking in the central streets of the city is limited.

Parking in  the streets of  Liege
Paid parking is available:
• Monday-Saturday from 09:00 o'clock to 12:30 o'clock and from 13.30 till 18.00 clock;
• Maximum parking time: 90 min for red zone, four hours for green zone;
• Parking fees: € 0,25 per 15 minutes (€ 1,00 per hour).

Parking Facilities in Liege
Unlimited parking is available in the parking lots. Parking fees are: € 1.00-2.00 per hour. There are special fees for a day, night and overnight parking.

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