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f11d677ae3386b89ca91d011ef33a4fd_largeLille is  located in the northern part of France. This city is known for its highly developed industry,  with its attractive down town and very active cultural life. Parking in the streets in the downtown area of Lille is restricted.

Parking in the streets in Lille
Chargeable parking  in the center of Lille is accessible in 2 parking zones:
Orange zone
- Monday-Saturday from 09:00 o'clock to 19:00 o'clock;
- Parking Fee: € 1.90 per hour;
- Allowed time to park: no more than 1hr 20 min.
Green Zone
- Monday-Saturday: allows to park from 09:00 o'clock to 12:30 o'clock and from 14:00 o'clock till 19:00 o'clock;
- Parking Fee: € 0.85 per hour;
- Maximum time allowed to park: no more than 2 hr 40 min.

Parking Facilities in Lille
Unlimited parking in the city center is available in the parking facilities. Prices in public facilities are following: € 1.50-3.50 per hour, daily maximum € 12.00 until 21.00 o'clock.

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