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daba2b014e704c847e4d0c9051347163Lyon is the second largest city in France. It is the gateway to the Rhone Valley, a magnificent  place to observe the Rhone Alps and the vineyards of the Cotes du Rhone. Lyon is also a center where gastronomy is highly developed. Street parking in the inner part of the city is impossible.

Parking in the streets 
Parking in the street is prohibited for tourists. All foreign guests  are asked to park in the parking areas intended for that.

Parking Facilities
Unlimited parking is available in the facilities and lots located in the  center of the city.  Fees in public parking facilities: from € 1.65 to1.95 per hour, daily maximum total pay: € 15.50.Also there is a  special fee set for the evening and overnight parking -  € 4.55

P+R- facilities in Lyon
Jointly with the public transport Lyon city is offers free parking in the 17 P+R locations in the suburbs of Lion.

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