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centro-76920Milan is  the second largest city in Italy. This city plays an important financial role in Italy. It  famous for its design and fashion houses and is a paradise for shopping, and also well known its opera, and nightlife.

What to see in Milan
Most popular and interesting places to visit  are La Scala Theatre, lot's of  churches and museums. The parking for visitors is limited. To park down in the street you need a “Sosta Milano Card" which you can get in tabacchi stores. Special machines in the parking accept credit cards as well.

Parking in the streets of Milan
In the center of Milan applies chargeable parking:
- Monday-Friday from 08.00 o'clock to 20.00-23.00 o'clock, depending on the zone
- Parking Fee: of € 1.00 to1.40 per hour
- Time of parking : unlimited

Parking lots in Milan
Unlimited parking is available in the parking facilities and lots in the downtown area. Parking Fees in public parking lots are following: € 5.00 for the first 2 hours, then € 1.50-2.00 per hour.

P+R Parking locations in Milan
Public Transport Companies in Milan offer parking spaces close the metro stations of MM1, MM2 and MM3 in the suburbs of the city. Parking Fee: € 2,10 per day, € 6,20 per week.

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