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800px-Montpellier_fg04Montpellier, located in the southwestern part of France and is the main city in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. It is a compact small city and to walk across the entire city will not take long. Street parking in the city center is restricted.

Parking in the streets of Montpellier
In the center of Montpelier available three paid parking zones:

Yellow zone
- Monday-Saturday from 09.00 to 18.00 o'clock;
- Parking time limit: to park no more than 2 hours;
- Parking Fee: € 2.00 per hour.
Orange zone
- Monday-Saturday from 09.00 o'clock till 18.00 o'clock;
- Maximum parking time: 5 hours;
- Parking Fee: € 1.30 per hour, up to €4,00.
Orange zone
- Monday-Saturday from 09.00 o'clock till 18.00 clock;
- Time of Parking: 9 hours;
- Parking: € 0.80 an hour, a maximum time is € 2.00.

Parking lots in Montpellier
Unlimited parking is available in the lots located in the downtown. Parking Fees in public facilities: € 1.80-2.10 per hour, daily maximum € 12,80-21,00. There is a special fee for the evening and overnight parking.

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