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rathaus_stadtweinhaus_800pxMunster is a city in the Luneburg Heath in northern Germany located in the bank of the Örtze river, in the center of  triangle of the cities, such as Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover. The downtown of the city is very popular.

Parking on the street Munster
In the center of Munster applies paid parking:

  • Monday-Saturday from 09.00 o'clock to 21.00 o'clock
    - Parking Fee in the old town area (Altstadt): € 0,75 per 30 minutes.
    - Car parking Fees: are 0,60 € per 30 min, and daily maximum  € 12.00.
    - Parking fees in surrounding areas are following: € 0,50 per 30 minutes, and every day parking 5.00 €.

Parking lots in Munster
Unlimited parking is also available in the  parking lots in the downtown area. Parking fees in public parking facilities are following: € 1.50 to 2.00 per hour, and  daily maximum - € 15.00.

P+R parking facilities in Munster
Free parking (except P+R's in Coesfelder Kreuz) is available on the P+R's in the suburbs of the Munster. Public transportation to downtown is provided.

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