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private-category-01-imgNamur is in Wallonia and situated in the Meuse valley on the bank of the Sambre river. It is an important railway junction connecting Brussels and Luxembourg City, and also Lille and Liège. It is a popular tourist center with a casino in its southern district on the left bank of the Meuse. Parking in the street is limited in the downtown area.

Parking in the streets of Namur
Chargeable parking is available in the downtown area of Namur:
• Monday - Saturday from 10.00 o'clock till 18.00 o'clock;
Red parking chargeable Zone (max. parking time: 2 hours) 1 hour per € 1.00 and 2 hours per € 3.00;
Green parking chargeable Zone (max. parking time: 4 hours): € 0,75 per hour;
Orange parking chargeable Zone max. parking time: 8 hours): € 0,50 per hour.

Free parking  in Namur
In the stop-shop – locations the first 10 minutes are free. With your parking disc you may park for three hours in the blue zones free of charge.

Parking lots in Namur
Also Liege offers a long term parking that is available in parking lots. Fees are following:
€ 1.80 per hour, daily maximum fee: € 12,00. There are special tariffs for parking during the day, in evening or overnight parking.

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