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d0877e438dThe most big cities, especially these that have the historic downtown areas, suffer from a shortage of places for parking. In most of the cities parking spaces are limited except of Amsterdam, where the parking level is the highest in the country and in the Europe. On Sunday the parking is free except of some big cities.

Parking rules in the Netherlands
Parking is not in permitted in places with the black and white or yellow curbs and where P- signs prohibiting this are installed.

Paid Parking in the Netherlands
Almost all city districts have a paid parking lines . In metered parking zones tickets are gettable at the central ticket office or display machine at the side of the road. The purchased ticket must be displayed in the windshield. Your parking fee can be paid in cash or by credit card through ticket machine at the side of the road.

Blue Zones
With your international blue parking disc you can park free in the designated area for a definite number of hours. If you need this disk, you can get it in tobacco shops, auto supply shops or police stations.

Parking Facilities in the Netherlands
The main thing is that parking on the street is more expensive then a parking in Parking Facilities. Parking in the parking lots is secure and unlimited.

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