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Nice is a large city in  the French Riviera. This city is a hotspot and well known for its beautiful view of  the Promenade des Anglais, its famous waterfront, and an ethnically diverse  port city. Very popular sights of  Nice are The Museum of Asian Art,  The Chagall Museum, The Matisse Museum and Parc Phoenix.

Parking in the streets of Nice
Chargeable parking in the center of Nice is not available. The few parking spaces are reserved for the owners having parking permit only.

Free parking in Nice
Free of charge parking is practicable in the suburbs of the city only. Public transport is available. Please note that not all the places are safe enough.

P + R - Nice
Cheap and secure parking is available at the P + R facilities located in the suburbs of the city. The parking fee is € 5.00 for 24 hours. It takes about 60 minutes to get to downtown by public transport. Note the opening hours: Parking is strictly limited for the current day and therefore cars should not be left after these hours.

 Parking lots in Nice
Safe and unlimited parking is available in the downtown of Nice. Parking Fees here are
€ 2.00- € 4.00 per hour. The daily maximum parking rates are: € 24.00- € 30.00.

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