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large_IMG_7517Nuremberg is located in the state of Bavaria, on the banks of Pegnitz river  and the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal, about 170 km to the north of Munich. Parking in the streets is limited, and unlimited parking in the center of the city is available only in the parking lots.

Parking in the streets in Nuremberg
In the Nuremberg city center applies paid parking:
- Monday-Saturday from 08.00 o'clock till 20.00 o'clock
- Parking fee in the downtown area is: € 0.50 per 20 minutes
- Parking Fee in the areas around: € 0,25 per 20 or 30 min, depending on the zone
- Parking time limit is: 2 hours
Unlimited parking is allowed in the following streets: Alderstrasse, Heugaesschen, Konningsgraben, Obstmarkt, Platenersgasse and Rosental.

Parking lots in Nuremberg
Unlimited parking is also available in the  parking lots in the downtown area. Parking fees in public parking facilities are following:€ 1.00 to € 1.80 per hour  and daily maximum fee of € 5.00 to € 15.00.

Park & Ride facilities in Nuremberg
You are able to park for free during 48 hours in P+R facilities located in the suburbs of Nuremberg. Using  U- or S-bahn you can reach the city center in 6-12 minutes.

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