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13164Padua is in the north-east of Italy, is located in the middle of Veneto region, on one side boarding with Venezia and Vicenza and Verona on the other. This city is the capital of the province which has the same name.

Parking in the streets of Padua
Parking in the streets is available in the spaces marked with blue lines on the roadside. In the downtown area of Padua applies paid parking:
- Monday-Saturday from 08.00o'clock till 20.00 clock,
- Parking Fees: € 1.10-1.70per hour, depending on the area
- Parking time: unlimited

Parking lots in Padua
Unlimited parking in the city center is available in the parking lots. Parking Fees in public lots are: € 2.00-4.00 per hour. There are lower charges apply for evening parking.

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