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1376641649-282878-295387Parma is a city located in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy and is a native land for one of the most ancient universities in the world. Also Parma is well known  for its gastronomic products such as ham and cheese. Besides, it is famous by its old  architecture and landscapes. Parking in Parma is very limited for the visitors. The Centro Storico (Historical part of the city) is a car-free zone and the rest of the downtown has many limitations for parking as well.

Parking in the Parma downtown
The historical  part of Parma downtown is divided  into three zones: a car-free zone, a ZTL zone for those who have special permits only, and a pre-paid parking zone  with  parking limitations on time.
Parking in the streets of Parma
In the downtown and adjacent to Centro Storico areas applies paid parking:
- Monday-Sunday from 9:00 o'clock to 12:30 o'clock and from 15.30 to 19.00 o'clock
- Maximum parking time is 2 hours
- Parking Fees: € 0.60 per hour (€1.70 per  two hours)
Free parking in the ZTL zone after 20.30 o'clock

Free parking in Parma
Free parking is available at the P + R parking at the accessible  places of the city.  Bus rides to the city center cost only € 2.00 per person for the whole day.
These parking facilities are located along the Via Emilia Ovest (Crocetta), Via San Leonardo (A1), Via Emilia Est (Ex Salamini), Strada Langhirano (near the university), Via Traversetolo, Viale Villetta, Largo Beccaria (next Palasport) is, and Cavagnari.

Parking lots in Parma
Unlimited parking is available in the parking lots in downtown area. Parking Fees are: € 1,80 per hour, daily maximum fee: € 10.00.

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