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photo_1Perugia is a city in the Italian region of Umbria. This city is a major place of medieval  Art, that  has a stunningly beautiful downtown area and is a home of the Umbria Jazz Festival. Perugia is considered a major producer of chocolate in Italy.

Parking in the streets of Perugia
Chargeable parking available  in the several parking zones of the city:
Paid parking  is available every day of the week in Centro Storico (Historical part of the city) from 07.00 and 08.00 till 20.00 and 21.00 o'clock, depending on zone (€1.80 to €2.40 per hour).
Also paid parking is available in the neighborhood of Centro Storico from Monday to Friday: starting at 09.00o'clock till 21.00 o'clock, the fee is:  €1.10 to €1.35per hour, depending on the zone.
Paid parking applies in the area next to the city ring from Monday to Friday: 08.00o'clock till 18.00 o'clock, parking fees are:  €0.60 to  €1.20per hour , depending on the zone.

Parking lots in Perugia
Unlimited parking is available in the parking lots in downtown area. Parking Fees are: € 1.40-1,80 per hour, daily maximum fee: € 16.00. Special Fee applies for evening parking from 20.00o'clock to 02.00 o'clock : fixed fee: of € 2.50

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