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week-end-ravenna-1Ravenna is the capital of the Province of Ravenna situated in Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. The city is situated on the shore of Adriatic Sea next to the Candiano channel. Ravenna has eight sights that are on UNESCO World Heritage list:  Roman sites, museums, Dante's grave. Also in this city are held  many cultural events.

Parking in  the streets of  Ravenna
The historical central part of Ravenna is partly a car-free zone. The rest of the downtown has  paid parking areas:

  • Monday-Sunday from 9.00o'clock to 19.00 o'clock
    - In the Centro Storico Maximum length of parking is limited, and unlimited in the areas adjacent to the Centro Storico.
    - Parking Fee Zone 1 (max 150 min): € 1.80 per hour
    - Parking Fee Zone 2 (max 150 min): € 1.20per hour
    - Parking fee zone 3 (max. 252 min): € 0.50per hour
    - Parking Fee Zone 4 (max 515 min): € 0.35 per hour
    - Parking fee zone 5 (unlimited): € 0.35 per hour

Free of charge parking in Ravenna
Free parking is available in  Piazza Della Resistenza, Via Renato Serra, Piazzale Mario Spik, Piazza Aldo Moro, and Piazzale Del Commercio

Parking lots in Ravenna
Unlimited parking is available in the parking lots in downtown area. Parking Fees are: € 1.50 to € 2.00 per hour.

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