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photo-9-berne-switzerlandParking designations are clearly marked. Parking is not allowed on the sidewalks and where is a sign that prohibits to park. Free parking is available in the white zones, blue zones and red zones as well. Paid parking is in the White Zone Pay & Display and metered street areas.

Free parking
Places with white lines are free. Free parking is also available in blue zones from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 to 11.30 o'clock and from 13.30 to 18.00 o'clock, at least 60 minutes. You should have an EU parking disc (available for free at tourist offices, car rental agencies, police stations and banks). Turn the wheel around to show the time of your arrival and leave visible on your dashboard. Parking is also free in the red zone: up to 15 hours with a red parking disc (gettable at the police stations, tourist offices and banks). Parking in yellow zones is prohibited.

Paid parking in Switzerland
Paid parking is valid in Pay & Display areas of the white zones. Parking time is limited. Tickets are available from street machine and should be displayed on the dashboard of your car. Before paying for a ticket, the car license plate number must be entered. Paid parking are also applicable in many streets with metered parking.

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