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ac107341b66deb769036957530ef2106Verona is located in the northeast of Italy. It is one of the main Italian cities visited by tourists  and is on the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage for its urban structure and architecture. Verona is also known with its various fairs, shows and operas, such as the lyrical season in the Arena, and  its ancient amphitheater built by the Romans.

Parking in the streets of Verona
Chargeable  parking is available in downtown area and its districts of San Zeno, Veronetta, Citadel and Borgo Trento:
- Monday-Sunday from 08.00o'clock to 24.00 o'clock,
- Parking Fee in downtown area (green zone): € 1.50 per hour
- Parking Fee red zone (surrounding areas): € 1.00 per hour *
- Maximum Parking time: 2 hours
* In the Citadel and Borgo Trento areas: first 30 minutes are free.

Open-air parking  in Verona
Unlimited parking is available in the several parking facilities and the downtown surrounding area: Piazzale XXV Aprile, Piazzale Guardini, Piazzale Olimpia, Viale Galliano, Via dell'Università, Via dello Zappatore, Via Città di Nimes and Via Marcantonio Bassetti. Parking fees are following: € 1 for the first two hours of parking, 3 € for 5 hours, € 5 for the whole day).

Parking lots in Verona
Unlimited parking in the city center is available in the parking lots. Fees in public parking lots are: € 2.00 to € 4.00 per hour. For evening parking lover charges apply.

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