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634180916649928750Wels is the second largest city in the province of Upper Austria, Northern Austria, situated on the bank of Traun close to Linz. Wels has a lot parking spaces in the streets and a lot of parking lots. The modern parking management system will help you to find a suitable place.

Parking in the streets of Wels
Paid parking applies in the very center of Wels:
• Monday-Friday from 08:00o'clock to 12:00o'clock and 13.00o'clock to18.00 o'clock
• Saturday from 08.00 to12.00 o'clock
• Maximum time of parking: 2 hours
• Parking Fee: € 1,00 for 2 hours

Parking lots in Wels
If you prefer long-term parking, there is a big choice of parking lots in the downtown area. The parking fees are € 0,50 to € 1,80 per hour, the maximum daily fee is € 8,75.

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