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open more than 100 small format stores in cities near college campuses. It currently has 32 of these stores, which are tailored to their communities and post twice the sales productivity as larger stores. Remodeling elsewhere will mean re organizing products that go together, such as putting swimsuits, beach hats and sunglasses near each other..

In principle, many with fond memories of the Jersey shore will agree with that statement. But this will change what the shore looks like. A roller coaster that prompts fond memories may be built again but perhaps not on a pier out over the water. Even if you regularly use mind altering substances, you probably still have that annoying friend or roommate who’s a little too into it. We’re talking about the guys who insist their weed is preventing cancer or who insist they’ve had spiritual, life altering experiences on ecstasy (“Molly,” or whatever name MDMA goes by these days). It’s like it’s not enough for recreational drugs to help them have fun at parties or tolerate Thanksgiving with the family they have to insist that the shit they’re buying off street corners is some kind of miracle cure..

New Jersey is the only state to make it a felony to disclose a person’s nude or partially nude images without that person’s consent. In California, it’s a misdemeanor. The New Jersey statute is a helpful model for states that are considering proposals to criminalize revenge porn.

There’s just something about the tomatoes in New Jersey. In fact, these rosy little guys are so beloved that they’re the state’s official vegetable or fruit, depending on whom you ask. Tomato season in New Jersey spans from mid July through mid September, so if your wedding happens to fall in this magical period, it’s your civic duty to feature tomatoes on your menu.

If I close my eyes I can feel her soft, long, bony white hands soothing my fire. She floats through life like a fairy, oblivious of her strength and influence over all of us humans in her world. The older I get, the more she becomes a mystery and the more I long for her powers.”.

As kids head back to school, many of them are gearing up for the fall sports season. Playing on the school soccer team or training with the town youth swim team can help kids learn teamwork and self discipline. But these activities, especially equipment heavy sports like hockey or football, can come with a hefty price tag.

Effectively, in the drive to get student bums on lecture theatre seats, universities became advanced polytechs. The mystique of the u word, however, enabled those institutions to continue to believe they were innately different.In Australia, there are, in reality, two kinds of university. The traditional universities are distinguished by the central importance of their liberal schools and the inherently public orientation (“pure” rather than “applied”) of their research. Explore more business specializations site here and careers related categories business choosing a degree careers advice shane b, alessandra l & 8 others saved this written by laura tucker laura is a former staff writer for topuniversities

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